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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

sad for this time .....伤心欲绝!!!!

Regarding this time compared to rivals the original is extremely disappointed, but is not cannot obtain any prize to grumble any in here.。
sponsors the (LITT TAK), Thier all only is in to do business.
Really not have respected us .. modeled (participant) n not have protect Our model also..

Regards our model to make money the apparatus!!

You thought is holds the competition to be so attractive?
Why did I say like this? You have a look my work.。。

Sad.. to see my model become like this..
Before two day-long times.。。
here is the pic ..before spoil by someone...

after that become like this...

my dynames waist also destroy ready.......

hand and shoulder also can not put in up anymore....

and then i have go to ask the guy who in charge watch up our art works

I said that, You do not have the take care of competition work? My work suffered destroys!!

He say: Yes? I do not know ! I had not seen ~~ Does not close my matter~!.Has broken?

oh man~!!! what this answer to me~!!

对于这次比赛真的是非常失望, 不是得不到什么奖而在这里发牢骚什么的。。:(:(

只是对主办当局(LITT TAK) 的看法, 一路来他们都只是为了做生意。:@


为什么我这样说? 你们看看我的作品。。。(图片在上面)

(惨不忍睹):'(:'(:'( 我三个月来的努力。。。。就这样被。。。。HAIZ...
过后手臂与肩膀已经拿不起来了。。。。之前那POSE 已经是做不成了。。。。
那部分我之前已经用SUPER GLUE 粘着了。。何故会掉出来。。。。:'(:'(


我说道: 你们没有看顾比赛的作品吗? 我的作品遭破坏了。。
那位仁兄回答说道: 是吗? 我不知道哦! 我没有看到哦~~ 不关我的事情哦。。破了啊?


比赛之前是他们(主办当局(LITT TAK)说道。。你们是不需要弄玻璃架的哦!!)

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